The primary objective of Touching Lives for Christ is to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will also attempt to arrange some sight-seeing time, but this must coincide with the team’s main purpose. It is understood that these activities may be cancelled if it is not convenient for travel time or if it hinders the ministry of the team.

Trip details - travel costs and arrangements, dates, and schedules - are subject to change. Teams may be switched in the event of any crisis - political, natural, or mission related. You will receive more specific financial information upon registration.

In the event of political unrest, natural disaster, or a problem with the hosting mission, TLC will decide if and where to send a team. In the event that a team is cancelled for any reason, team members will have an option to be assigned to another team. We will work with you for the satisfaction of everyone involved.

TLC is a highly disciplined organization with specific guidelines concerning conduct, dress, and Christian testimony. These are explained more fully in the Summer Missionary Trip guidelines and in other information supplied upon registration.

Team members and leaders must adhere strictly to TLC policies and are subject to dismissal for disobedience – without refund or reimbursement. Team members and leaders serve at their own risk and neither TLC nor Hobe Sound Bible Church is liable in the event of sickness, accident, death, or terrorist acts, or for transportation - or any other expense beyond that of the normal team involvement.


a special application just for the Media Team!

Media Team application is online only. Please be aware that you must submit a portfolio of your work with this application. You may apply to be either a videographer or a photographer. If you are applying for a videographer position, you must submit a minimum 1080p quality clip via YouTube. If you are applying as a photographer, you must upload three high-resolution photos with this application. Photos and videos may be water-marked, but please submit your highest-quality work. All applications will be reviewed and applicants will be chosen based on their style and quality. If you are not accepted to this first team, you will be added to a database and you may be contacted for a future media team.

Personal Information

If you chose videographer, please include the link to the YouTube video you would like to use for your application. Video files will not be accepted through any other method.

Spirtual & References

Are you a born again believer?
Character References:

I understand that my reputation may play a part in my acceptance to TLC.


Do you speak a second language?

Media Skills

List specific skills you have developed in photography or videography:
I feel like I can especially contribute to the team in this way:
This team relies on the equipment its members are able to provide. If you are chosen for this trip, what equipment will you bring along? (Cameras, tripods, stands, flashes, lights, audio equipment, etc.)


How do you plan to pay for this trip?
How will you pay your application fee? . You get 25 prayer cards if you are accepted. Would you like any extra? (Each pack of 25 is $10.)
Two TLC uniform shirts are provided. What size do you need? .


My health is usually . I a problem with taking preventative medicines.
I allergies to . TLC provides insurance for trips while you are out of the United States. Do you have insurance that will cover you outside the US?
Name of Insurance Company:
Name of Insured: Policy Number: .

By my signature I confirm that I have read and I agree to the Important Information. All of this information is correct to the best of my knowledge. (You will be asked to submit a portfolio on the next page.)

  &   (For applicant under 18)